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During 25 years research and development, we have established an unique set of assessment tools and interventional program, which allows an evidence based and efficient way to reduce psychosocial stress and improve work-life balance in large corporations.

This is obtained through an improved management of the every day stress by the individual – on top on structural and organization aspects of proper risk management. 

The Ull Care Program
The Ull Care program is based on the following innovations:

The discovery of a new measure from the brain: the Ull measure (the “pulse” of the brain)(World premiere Japan August 2008)

The development of an simple and reliable instrument: the Ull Meter, that provides the possibility for measurement, action and control

An educational- and treatment program: Ull Care, which gives full personal control through concrete and easy understandable tools

Web based education and support according to personal needs for improved wellbeing, reduced stress and diseases

The Ull Care program has proven efficient with respect to health enhancement and stress management in a variety of settings:

1) For people with stress related diseases such as ischemic heart disease and stroke patients (improved survival) and breast cancer patients (stress reduction and fewer side effects from chemo- and radiation therapy);

2) Healthy people at work (stress reduction and improved health risk profile), and

3) Top performers (Athletes participating in the Olympics).

Ull Care was founded by M.D. Søren Ballegaard. The company’s concept and technology (the Ull Meter platform), is protected by 1 core patent family and 4 families of pending patents in Australia Brazil China, Europe, India, Japan, New Zealand, Russia & USA.

At the company’s headquarters in Hellerup/Denmark, a team of more than 10 academics are employed with specialties in medicine, physiology, clinical trials, product development and statistics. Moreover, a larger team of consultants are ongoing employed with the company in terms ofsecuring a pool of talents and new knowledge within the UllCare framework.

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Ull Care A/S
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